Dedicated to the men and women of the Brighton Area Who Honorably served their country in war and peace
We Cherish the memory of those who died that freedom may live.

We need your help in order to make this vision come true. Your charitable donations, no matter how small can help us express the significance and importance our local veterans deserve.


The Dedication will be on November 9th, 2013. The event will start with a parade hosted by the VFW starting at 11:30am approximately ending at noon. The dedication ceremony will start at 12:30pm and will last about one hour, there will about 400 seats available in the gazebo area, we encourage people that want to sit in the grass area to bring lawn chairs.

The Brighton Veterans Memorial Committee in partnership with the Kiwanis Foundation of Brighton, had proposed a new location for Brighton’s Veteran’s Rock Memorial. The proposed site for the memorial had been designed to provide the rock with a more monumental and enduring footprint. The future site’s concept better-represents the men and woman from the Brighton area who have honorably served our country.

How did this project start?A question was raised as to what can we do to show the gratitude for the men and women that served this great nation, that would be more significant than a mere rock. This was a conversation that spawned from the controversy over the positioning of the war memorial rock being near the naked man statue at the Mill Pond. From there the idea was born and a small group of Ricci Bandkau, Bryan Bradford, Dennis Nauss, Chad Cooper and Piet Lindhout (Designer) undertook this project to see if would be possible. All veterans groups in the area contributed to the design and backed the project whereas it was then presented to the City of Brighton and received unanimous approval. Now we are seeking local support to help make this dream come true. As more veterans are coming home and need a local place to reflect as well as be appreciated.

The ground breaking ceremony will be Memorial Day 2012 

We will have the project completed for dedication on Saturday, November 9th, 2013 after the Veteran’s Day Parade.

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